Monday, September 8, 2014

Opposition in All Things 9-1-14

Well this was a very interesting week for us in our area. Everything that we spoke about in zone conference we applied into our area (debriefing the members in private so they can succeed in public) and in result we had some of the best lessons that I have had out here in Bahamas. But, just like everything that is good it is opposed by the devil. So towards the end of the week, that is exactly what happened. The last two weeks Elder Peters and I have done our absolute best to try and keep a balanced escalator effect going on. Then on Friday, everything seemed to come crashing down. All the people who we have been teaching who are very excited about the gospel just seemed to have one thing or another happen. Sickness, death in the family, something, anything to prevent us from teaching them or from them helping us to teach someone else, including less actives. So, we street contacted for 3 days but the funny thing was, everyone we ran into just didn't want anything to do with the church. We were kind and respectful and loving but we had attack after attack on our personal beliefs. As we were faced with this opposition we stood firm and bore powerful testimony of our Lord and Savior, how he cares and how he established his church one more on the earth. I certainly learned a lot on what the devil is seeing in our area how it continues to progress and he doesn't like it. My conviction about this gospel deepened and is deeper than ever before. Even my love for the people grew, strange service is defiantly the key. But, I am expecting this week to be a lot better, we are diligent, obedient and we have our Lord and Savior on our side, the Devil can't stand against that he can only delay our work. The work will continue.

There isn't much more that I can say than that. That described my week to the fullest. I do think it is funny that people try and try to put up and argument against us but there is none because the is the only true church. And nothing can stand or defeat the truth. Well I have gotten some questions about investigators so here you all go.

Bernard-26 husband with a wife and 2 kids and 1 on the way. When we met him he didn't have a job and they didn't know where the next meal was going to come from. 5 days latter after we promised him if he would live the commandments he would find work (we told him to be careful because when he got it he would be tested on the Sabbaths....) Which happened. He is so excited about the gospel and is fellow shipped by the members very very well. Pray that his family will want to have what he has and is receiving.

Won Yea-17 years old. I beat him in a one v one game. Great kid and very well fellow shipped with the branch. He will be baptized a week before Bernard and we told him he can baptize his friend that he gave to us as a referral. Pray that he will be able to forgive Bernard for wronging him.

Shay-very spiritually in tune person. Super actually. I shard a couple of experiences with her that I don't usually tell anyone. Goes to show that the Spirit prompts us to do different things some times. Nervous about baptism but progressing. Pray that she will get her answer about Joseph Smith.

Kirk- Doesn't believe that God exists. Kind of more like, he doesn't think he needs to pray more than once about anything. He doesn't understand that God is his father and that pray is a way for our wills to come in line with the Father's will. He says he doesn't feel a thing but I can tell that he is lying. He just isn't recognizing the
Spirit. He really loves it when we come by though. That is one of the reasons I know he is feeling it besides us being there and watching the spirit prompt him to pray, or helping him to understand. I know so much more about the Spirit than I used too. Pray that he will really come to terms with his feelings and recognize the Holy Ghost.

Stan- 40 year old with a daughter. Similar story to Bernard, except he is failing at putting the Lord first. The Lord giveth and taketh away. I hope we can talk to him at least soon, his job takes all of his time. Pray that we will have a chance to meet with him.

Pepe-Soon be baptized a Haitian. Loves the gospel. Similar to Bernards experience except he understand the Sabbath. He got Sundays off this last week so that was a bonus. Pray that he will make his baptism date.

Well that is it this week. I love you all. I know that the Devil will sometimes stand against you but he will not nor he cannot prevail when you are doing what's right. He can only delay the inevitable. Keep pressing onward. Keep going on and he will crumble before you, he always does.

Elder Henderson

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