Monday, November 11, 2013

Another month gone already 11/11/13

Another month gone......will someone care to share the secret of getting time to slow down? Gosh I'm with Elder Allen it is going by too fast. I hope you all had a great week this week. I love getting all of your letters and emails. They benefit me a lot more than you realize. Thank you.
    So this week was an outstanding week! We had 3 people at church, investigators. And another 3 people return from less activity! Yes you heard me right. The investigators that came to church were as follows: Theo, Sister Harrison, and Joseph Grant. Theo of course is probably the most elect guy I know and have met. So here is what happened with him this week. So last week he came to church and right after church he received a job that he desperately needed to support his family. Not only that but he didn't stop doing the things God has commanded he continued. We were supposed to go see him Tuesday. We called Shawn (a member who is fellow shipping Theo) to see if he wanted to come with us to the lesson, this was his response. "Na mon, he ain't going to be at the lesson." (us) "Why not!?! What happened?" "Institute is tonight, we are headed there now." All I could do was sit in wonderment and awe and shake my We will continue the story. Thursdaywe went to see him again. This time we got to see him. We talked, and found out that the chapter we had left with him to read he had read it twice. He had several questions but he didn't want us to answer them. Sounds kinda weird huh? Well he wanted to solve the questions by himself with the Lord. So he started reading from the beginning. Sick. Saturday we went to see him again. It was pouring, pretty badly. We stopped at his house (rain won't stop us). He was outside washing his cloths. He invited us in, and after a careful evaluation we decided to help him wash his cloths, (yes, by hand) in the pouring rain. :) It was a wonderful expierence. We got to talk to him about everything, meaning his back round and hobbies and stuff. This guy has quit the story, I will have to share it another time though. Theo often calls us his best friends. I can't describe the feeling of love I have for that man. I have gotten the chance to sit and watch God work miracles in his life! Not only that but it was a miracle that we met him. (This is cool, I was just thinking about this the other day) So my first or second week out here Elder Mathewson had this impression to go to a Sisters house. She wasn't home because there was a funeral. Well I just stopped this lady on the street and we ended up getting her information. We taught this lady a couple of times. She wasn't really progressing but we felt impressed to continue to teach her. We decided that we should bring Sister Wright to the next lesson. Well when we got over there to teach her she wasn't home. Sister Wright being awesome talked to Theo who is staying there. And well you know most of the story from there. I still can't believe it. If everything goes according to plan we should have 3 baptisms before I talk to you all next.
   Well Sunday was a great day. I played 29, 190 and 284. Yesterday I got a glimpse of how much God has changed me and made me stronger. I played better than I ever have before in my life. It was such a blessing. I am so thankful for what God does in my everyday life. 
   So there is something important I need to tell all of you. I won't be emailing any of you for the next 40 days. I will write letters, in fact there are some on the way now. This is because I am looking to consecrate my work even further than it is. I will be going on a 40 fast, so to speak. So don't feel bad if you don't receive an email in the next month. I will explain myself more after I am finished. Mom yes I can do this according to the rules. I have spend many days now contemplating this very thing. I am not doing this to get away from anything. I am doing this so that I can simply rely solely on the Lord for my strength. He will provide a way and the strength I need, and you need. Don't worry it won't be a long time.
   Dad, thank you for your kind email! I did get the packages! They were and are wonderful it was a huge boost to my more like my month. Thank you! One thing though.....I need more talks I am almost finished. Sorry like I said I am going through material really fast. Not only that I am retaining the things I read. Look at my blessing, that is why. Also, I was reading in D and C 132 verse 26. There are 5 saving ordinances. But there should be 6 steps for you. 1. baptism 2. receive the holy ghost 3. priesthood 4. endowments 5. marriage. 6. being sealed my the holy spirit of promise. The sixth step is, according to our old mission president, president Hendricks (he was a temple president) is preformed by the Savior himself. You will receive a call from the Prophet when that is to happen, to come to the temple. So in short work for that assured exaltation. (What are your thoughts on that? and on D and C 132 verse 26?)
   Mom thank you too for your kindness. I really do love you and the time you took out of your schedule for me to help me out. Thank you. I hope that you will be okay for the next little while. Guess what!? You'll speak to me after I am done with my fast, so be of good cheer. 
   Carter, I am glad to hear that you are having a better time at school. The friend thing, I would suggest to put yourself in situations where you can get to know other people. Sit by someone new, learn to be social. You are a stud! I am excited and grateful to get emails from you every week.
   Joshua bro. I love that snowman! I made me laugh pretty good. Way to be! the snow has already fallen. Well continue to run. You have much more equipment in the house to continue your training than I have out here. Like in my pictures I only have bands and cinder blocks. I would recomend you use the ladder everyday. So keep it up, just a little bit everyday.
    Nikayle, I love you princess. You are awesome. I didn't hear from you or Mom this week but I am sure it is because you are just having a blast!! How did softball end up? How is Mr. J? I sure loved him as a teacher he is great.
    Siri!!!!!! How are you beautiful? I miss you! How is school? What about gymnastics? Are you having fun without me? I am sure you are! Remember you are a daughter of God live accordingly. I love you.
    Brixen, little one, guess what?!........Nothing. hahaha aw I miss those times! I hope you are finding joy at home while Siri is gone. So do you and Mom play much? What do you do? How was Halloween? Did you get a lot of candy? Any way know that God loves you. You are his daughter. I love you too.
    I know that this letter is a lot longer than I have been writing but I think you can figure out why I made it a little bit longer. The Lord is very merciful to all. His grace is sufficient for all of us. He paid our debt, and we must show our appreciation by living all of his commandments. For that will determine weather we choose to stay with Jesus and Heavenly Father in the Celestial world or if we choose to leave and stay in a lower kingdom. I know that he lives. God is present now more than ever before, in our lives. We must take a moment to ponder and thank him for all that he does for us. I know more assuredly now than ever before that the Book of Mormon is true. It is true and I will stand as a witness of that until I die. When I go before God at the judgement bar, I want to be able to say that I proclaimed his gospel to the best of my ability. I love you all very much and I miss you all very much, two years may seem like a long time, but the more I am out here the more I realize that it is just time. It will pass, very quickly. Two years is not enough time for me, or any of us for that matter, to complete all that God has given us to do. So don't waste a moment. For those of you who are struggling to find the faith to do the things that God commands, you can lean on my testimony until you gain a testimony of your own. This is the only true church, but don't believe me. Ask Heavenly Father and see for yourself. He will answer, if you act in faith. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Henderson

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