Monday, December 9, 2013

40 day email fast done!! 12-9-13

Well with this last week goes my 40 day fast. I have so much to report but I don't think I will have time to report it all, too much has happened. I am also so very grateful to all of you for all your kind letters. Thank you, I hope you all received mine with out delay. 
    I guess I better start with what I learned and experienced. First and for most I realized exactly how much I depend on my family. They give me hope and courage to go on. I can't really explain the feelings that I have for you all. Even though I did miss talking to you all I did learn that the Savior always comes through. There were times when I was depressed and very low but, as I spoke to my God he spoke back. He gave me strength, courage, and a glimmer of hope. Even if I remember nothing else about this trial/experience I will remember the conversations that I had with Heavenly Father, yes conversations. He really does respond, and sometimes he responds with more than just a feeling. It was at those times of extreme anguish that I was pushed to my limit, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I learned more about who I am in those 40 days than I have in the last 5 years of my life. Trust me I do not want to do that again but the lessons learned are the most valuable lessons I have learned in my life. Even if you younger ones (and older ones) don't have a testimony that he responds, I promise you he does. You just aren't looking hard enough. If you are in a trial now I invite you to pray. Something so simple but, it has more power than you know, much more power. 
   Well to give an update on the investigators here in Spanish Town. Sister Harrison was baptised three weeks ago. Theo is supposed to be baptized in two weeks. Sister Shaw was supposed to be baptized this week but that will have to be pushed back. Joseph Grant is supposed to be baptized next week. We also have picked up Brother Harrison, Romy, Rohan, Isaac, Andre, Kemar, Brother Morris, Immaneul, Mark Lee, Dwane, Devon, and Kino. Plus some others but those are the ones we are focusing on right now. (Dad your prayers have been answered, all males). The branch here is really flourishing, in fact we had the church camera crew come here yesterday and take footage of sacrament meeting. They are doing a documentary of the growth of the church in Jamaica. Guess what else?! Elder Norman and I have a part in the film. Something like 10 seconds long, but still that's 10 seconds right??!!? So keep an eye out for that. Anyway, we had a really cool experience Saturday.
   We watched the Restoration (full version). As we watched the Spirit filled the room stronger and stronger with that familiar charity and compassion. I think I could taste it it was so strong actually. As the movie progressed people off the street came walking into the meeting until we had people standing outside because there wasn't enough room in Sister Harrison's house. People we didn't even know. It was because the Spirit was pouring out of the house and into the street. Once the video finished we stood. As I bore my testimony of the truth the Spirit took it to the peoples hearts. I watched as grown men cried. It was the most powerful testimony I have ever uttered. Elder Norman did the same. After his powerful testimony Sister Harrison bore her's (we didn't even ask her too). I watched as new people who I have never seen before spoke to themselves that this was true. We concluded with a prayer and all of them asked us to come back and that they would be at church tomorrow. I could not believe it. The Lord really does have his hand in our work.
    There are so many other experiences that I have had here that are similar but I don't have the time to write them or share them. I am just pleased to be a tool in the Lord's hands and I am watching as he is bringing forth a stake here in Jamaica. I just wonder sometimes on why people wont decided quicker to be baptized. I don't understand why I am not catching hypothermia because I am in the font all day. Gosh! But that being said I have watched as my area has grown. President has straight out told me that our area is the model area. That blew my mind because there is still so much more we still need to happen here. Oh well back to the grind stone. 
   Well Christmas is coming so very soon. I can't wait to talk to you momma, daddy, kids. I hope that you are all having a wonderful Christmas season. How's the snow? Is is sosooooooooo cold? Guess What!?! Nothing (brixen) No I am still at 88 degrees. Yeah I miss the snow. Oh well.
   So I have a question for all who read this, but especially Dad. Why did the prophets pray to Jesus in the old testimate and in the Book of Mormon? (Alma 36; Lehi does it too; it is all over) I have come to the conclusion that is must do something with the Atonement but I don't have the time to study it out. (too many investigators) So Dad you are a scholar with the Old Testimate why do they do that? So that's my thought today. Anyway, I love you all. Amber Welcome home. I hope this all finds you in good health. 

Your missionary in Jamaica,
Elder Henderson

Elder Norman (new companion), Elder Henderson, Elder Matthewson

Scott, Rachel, Elder Norman

Drinking from a coconut

The Jamaican sky

Beauty of Spanish Town
Banana Tree

Beauty of Spanish Town - Jamaican Apple Tree

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