Saturday, May 17, 2014

Transfers Coming 5-3-14

   Another week gone......Well some exciting news for all of you. We had transfer calls this morning, my companion is leaving and headed to Mandiville. I am staying and Elder Martin is coming to the office with me. (A different Elder
Martin than the one who got smoked by the taxi). I don't really know much about him, actually I have
never seen the guy so I am excited for the new face and the change. This week starts the crazy hectic
week before transfers. A bunch of stuff needs to get done, we don't have enough time to do it all, plus 
President always gives us more stuff to do on Monday's. I have just learned to trust the Lord and let him 
direct me as I do HIS work. 
    The area has taken a step down this week. I am not really sure why. We are doing our best but, perhaps
God is trying to teach me something. We will push onward though, because it is the Lord's work and he
will do it in the way he wants to do it. I am grateful for all of your prayers, the people we are teaching are
a blessing and I feel that the reason we are teaching who we are is because of all of you. Thank you.
     I was studying this morning on Elder Holland's talk "Hands of the Fathers", I got down two paragraphs
then my mind started to turn and think. Elder Holland mentioned in one line that the Atonement was the
hardest thing anyone has ever had to do or ever will do, he asked "what about Heavenly Father?" It would
only fit that those moments of agony for Jesus was also the hardest thing a Father has ever had to do. I
imagine that God (Heavenly Father) wanted with his whole being to send concourses of angles to stop the
crucifixion, or to just destroy with lightning Jerusalem, or to simply remove the "bitter cup", but he didn't.
What kind of character does that show in God's behalf? What does that say about the character you or I
must develop before we become like God? Do you think that The Father and the Son became closer
because of this experience? People often times become very close to one another when they go through
something hard, and this was the hardest thing anyone has ever been through. People often times refer
to the atonement as the at-one-ment, then use the reference to us how through the atonement we become
at one with God and his vision and what he want for us. But at the same time it was the same for Jesus
the Christ, became more at one with the Father. My question then is how can The Father and the Son
become closer than they already were at that time. Several times before that instance in the scriptures
God (Jesus) specifically says that "I and the Father are one..." So how is that possible? Were they one
 all along? Or is this something that our mortal minds can't wrap around? 
   Now all of this would be for naught if we don't "liken the scriptures.." to us. So how could knowing how
the father felt be likened unto our own selves? As Fathers and priesthood bearers we are supposed to
strive to become the best we can be, to become like or one with God. Even though we won't know in this
life what God the Father felt when his only perfect son was crucified we can still try to share our love with 
those who need it. I see every day broken families, children crying and just wanting a simple phone call 
or note from their Dad. A 5 second note! What does that say?! It says that people everywhere are longing
to feel loved wanted, children want time with their Dad's or parents. Take a moment and spend some time
with those you love most, even if it is just 5 minutes, because that is what is important. What is important is that we become ONE with one another, especially with our families. We need to learn to put others first, to "suffer with
those that suffer.....comfort those that stand in need of comfort..." as we do we will begin to learn how
God felt with Christ and how he feels about you and me.  Then and only then we become closer with those
 we love and cherish and come closer to the one who has the perfect love for us. 
     I know those thoughts are jumbled around, I didn't have the kind of time I wanted to think about those
things for studies today. I hope that the Spirit will be present as you read my likle spiel if it was then I did
my job.  I love you all. I wish I could tell each single one of you how grateful I am for you and how I
appreciate all that you do for me. Thank you.

Elder Henderson

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