Monday, September 16, 2013

From an Island in the Water 9/16/2013

   Hi Family!!! I miss you all so much and it always brings tears in my eyes when I read the kind of experiences you have had the last few weeks. Dad, Mom I don't want to be a burden but I would like a couple of things: I could use my jump rope ( I get up at 5:30 every morning and run at least 2 and a half miles to like 3 and a kills my legs!!!! haha Then I come back with Elder Nelson and we work out. Lifting cinder blocks, jump roping, jumping into the bed of the truck, etc.) Some more green 2o/crave/go. I use that green 2o everyday it helps refuel my body and I am growing accustom to the taste (finally...) Some recipes ones that are cheep. Cheese and milk and peanut butter are very expensive. Some music, I love listing to the hymns and other up lifting songs. Maybe you could burn a disk or send my mp3 with the music on it. It doesn't have to be hymns and I would prefer that there would be a little of both. Also there's a song I would like you to put on it in particular it's called "Living In Jamaica" by Elder Romney Elder McCloud. It's stinking awesome I'm sure you would love it too. (Just so you know it can be basically any song it just needs to be uplifting and invite the spirit. NO SONGS WITH BAD LYRICS OR BAD MESSAGES), My Race Rx paper/Work outs that I could do (if you could please laminate them) Pictures of home/friends/family. My bands in my drawers, A hair cutter for my hair (there's no barber shops here at least not cheep ones) and a small pencil sharpener. I know that's a lot so if you can't find or send it with out a stress don't worry about it. I hear it's fairly cheep to send things to Jamaica so I guess we will see. 
   Mom I want you to know, that even though you think about me all the time, I am on the Lord's side and I am about his work. I will always be your son and you will always be my mother. Two years seem like a long time but take it a day at a time. Enjoy the younger ones because they soon grow up.
   Dad same goes with you, I will always be your son and you will always be my father. You will always be my best friend and I know that even in the deepest darkest moments of my life I can turn to two people no matter what. Jesus Christ/Father in Heaven and you. I love you and I hope that work continues to pick up and go well. You promised me that our finances would increase as I serve faithfully. I want to know how they are doing because I am being as faithful as I can be. I am doing everything in my power to progress this work. So please tell me next week okay? I love you.
   Carter I love you keep up the good work. I would encourage you to get you patriarchal blessing it is a great source of knowledge and comfort. Also keep reading your scriptures. Do it with a question and you will receive answers I promise.
   Joshua your a stud keep working hard and doing what is right. Live the way your mom thinks you live and are. Because if you do that you will live in line with Christ's teachings. Pray everyday all day, pour your soul out to God. 
   Nikayle I expect when I get back for you to be up to my level with softball. I am working hard every single morning (except for Sundays) to keep in shape so that I don't fall too far behind you. 
   Siri every time I look at a picture I smile to myself because I know no matter what the circumstances you always have fun. I admire you and ask that you stay that way. Listen to momma and daddy they know what's best. Even if they ruin the fun sometimes.
   Brixen guess what?!?..............NOTHING!!! HAHAHA you my princess are very beautiful and I admire the kind sweet spirit about you. I smile everytime when I see you picture too because you have a very fun laugh and I love to see you happy.
   In short this week was hard but the most edifying experience of my life so far. You will find out later. We basically have too many people to teach because we have referrals out the wazooooo!!!! Nuts huh? People are turning their lives around. We had 4 investigators at church yesterday so we now have 8 progressing investigators with baptismal dates for later this month and early next month. I can't wait!!!!!
   So yesterday I was sitting in Sacrament and this lady walks into the chapel. She looks around welcomes Elder Egan to Jamaica, he's been here for over a year now, then she walks straight to where I was sitting and squeezes next to me. There was absolutely no room for her to fit but she did, I swear Jamaican's are better at packing things that Mexicans. She started to tell me how George Washington was her husband. She said that he beat her and took the keys to her house, which she purchased under her father's name. She wanted me to deliver a letter to George in Texas, where the White House is (I guess???), so she could get her keys back. To which I told her that I was busy this week but I might be able too next week. To which she responded, "Perfect, but bring a companion when you come because, George will try to beat you up when you come to get the letter from me." HAHAHAHA She was a mad person (as the jamaican's say) It took everything I had not to burst out laughing during church!!! hahaha oh man I was in tears.
   Next story. We were eating at President Briton's house for dinner. His son Neff was playing with a white ball, he lost the ball and started playing with a black one instead (he's only like 2/3). President Briton asked him "Where's the white one?" To which Neff pointed to Elder Mathewson and I. HAHAHAHA It made me laugh, There is a lot of racism here. SO where's my compensation?? I want help man. People are dumb, but any way.
   People tell me often that I am a kid and I agree but I know that in Matthew 18:1-6 Christ says let the children come to me and that we must all be like a little child.... I feel very blessed because even though I am still a child I am coming to Christ and he is using my mouth to teach others here with the spirit. It has humbled me quite a bit, and then I read D and C 4. It hit me pretty hard. And as I sat and  thought about this question i have had. And I came to the conclusion that Grandpa and hundreds of my ancestors have faith in me. Therefore I will have faith in myself to do this work. The Lord has called me to do this sacred work and I responded. I am here to serve the Lord, I will always respond when he calls. I know that he lives. I know that he can do all and that he will help us in every endeavor. I will become completely converted to him one day. 
   I want you to know that I am very grateful for the support you give me. I am very grateful for you being an example to me and striving to help those around you and you becoming closer to Christ. I invite you to rekindle you fire and to become even more devoted. Pray every day that the Lord wont let Satin tempt you more than you have power to bear.
   There have been several time in my mission so far that I have felt the Spirit speak through me. I don't even remember what I said sometimes but I have people come up too me days latter saying they can't get my and Elder Mathewson's words out of their head. They keep playing over and over. I know the Lord's work is going forth and no one will stop it. Get aboard and join the battle. Again I love you all.
With Love,
Elder Henderson

P.S.- If that package is more than 50 dollars I don't want it. I'll send it back if you send it too me. hahha :) I think very highly of all of you. Until we meet again in 22 and 1/2 months. Wow it goes by quick. Bye.

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