Monday, September 23, 2013

Maybe I'll Just Stay Forever 9/23/13

Well you wanted to know several things so I'll answer them. Yes there are 5 elders living in our house. It's a little cramped haha but a lot of fun. We live with the zone leaders so on Mondays we have a car to go places. They are training too so that's why there are 5 of us. There are 2 branches in my area. I am in the 2nd branch. We meet in a normal building. We have a stove that runs on propane that we refill every 3 weeks or so. Yes we have a shower that is super ghetto and it only sprays cold water. We mostly get referrals, but when we are riding our bikes we stop and talk to people so we are always over flowing with people to see. People here love to talk about Christ so it is easy to set up appointments. 

Well another week has come and gone. I think the weeks are starting to go faster. I will often times catch myself thinking that 22 1/2 months is a long time and my thoughts are toward home. But I am really trying to turn my will over to the Lord and as I do he makes the day go by even faster. Something I have discovered too is that as we turn our will over to the Lord he makes us way more than we could ever make ourselves. I look over the last month or so and I can see how much I have grown, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and in every way. So turn your will and desires over to the Lord hold nothing from him, and in turn he will make you much more than you could ever hope to be. I love you all I know he will protect you as you follow his commandments.
Well this week there isn't much to tell. Sunday was extremely disappointing, we only had 1 investigator there. But on the bright side she is getting baptized this coming Saturday. So we are ecstatic about that! Our other two who were supposed to be baptized on Saturday, we had to change the date for them because they DIDN'T SHOW UP!!!! GGGGRRRRRR..........oh well. We will just have to try harder this week. 
Oh and there is a story that I actually discovered. A few weeks ago we visited a family for a dinner appointment. (the McClean family) We ate and one of the daughters Joann came up to us before we left and asked for a blessing; she wasn't feeling very good at all, she didn't look very good at all. She asked me to be voice. I gave the blessing and I kind of forgot about it. But yesterday we went back to the same house and she recounted the story. She said that after we left they got in the car to take her to the doctor when they got to the doctors she no longer was sick. No trace of the sickness. I feel very humbled and fortunate to have been a tool in the Lords hands to bless one of his children. 
Yesterday was kinda different because Elder Mathewson had a super bad pain in his kidney. We went to the doctor and he said he thought it was a kidney stone but to have it X-rayed. So that is on the list to do today. I also am wondering dad, my face is a little swollen and I have a few spots all over my body that itch. I think it's an allergic reaction but I don't know to what. It hasn't gone away either over the last 4 days. Should I keep waiting? What do I do?
 Well I thought since I don't have a lot to write home about I will try to attach some pics. So you can see who I'm with, what I'm eating, etc. Mom by the way I am always hungry, like for real I don't think I've been full since I've gotten here but maybe that's good for me. At least I won't get fat right? hahahaha I discovered something this week that blew my mind. So my companion, Elder Mathewson, turns 21 this next month right before conference. He was talking about how we were told by an apostle of the Lord that we should be married a year after we return home. It hit me like a ton of bricks, when I am Elder Mathewson's age I am supposed to be married. UUUUHHHhhhhh.......what?!? come again?!? Yes married, I now have a bigger desire to stay out here forever. Don't worry I don't think about that hardly at all but when I feel hopeless I think of that and I feel much better. I am not even close to being ready. Oh well I got 22 months to love life over. I don't think I'm mature enough to hold that responsibility. Yeah enough of that dark though. ;) Just kidding
Please send longer emails I like to know what you are doing just as much as you like to hear from me. I love you all and I think you are all awesome. I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you next week. Stay strong and live the commandments of God, no matter what the cost. God will bless you all. You are all in my prayers everyday, all day, day and night. Keep the faith.

Elder Henderson

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