Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wagwon Everyone! 9/2/2013


HAHA that means what's up in patwi or (pat-t-w-awe) It's like a broken english and very hard to understand but the Lord has blessed me to be able to understand it. Okay first things first.
My first companion is Elder Mathewson, he has been out 15 months, he is from Las Vegas NV. This young man is a spiritual giant!!!! We have had some very profound talks in the last few days. He always continues to blow my mind. Jamaica is hot!!! Like you don't even know the definition of hot! It takes on a completly new definition. Imagine that you are in a steam room and you turn the temp. all the way up. Okay your not even close times it by 2 for the heat and times it be 26.679 for humidity. That stickiness you feel when you sweat. Yeah...I never get away from that. You go to bed sticky wake up sticky and preach sticky. hahaha but you get used to it after a while. The money here is super inflated so one dollar there is 100 bill here. I am looking for a ukulele and a nice on is like 20 dollars or 20,000 so we will see.It is very poor here it is really humbling and sad. So many people though live on 70 dollars a year (US dollars) and they are still happy and joyful! We can all work on that, that no matter what the situation we can be joyful and happy about it. I'll really try better. We ride Bicycles around every where....my butt hurts.....but I'm getting used to it. I am stationed in Spanish town. Mom you were right here is where the first stake is going to take place in a few months. You were right.....
The people here are ssssooooooo prepared it's not even funny!!! For example, everyone loves to talk religion for one but when we start teaching about the true gospel they usually recognize it and want more. We already have a baptism for next week, 2 the week after, and on Sep. 28 We are expecting 6 just in our companionship!!!!!!!!! WOW! Dad for the next letter you send or package will you send copies of your patriarcle blessing? Also include Mom's and Grandpa's and Grandma's. Same with the Wells side. If you can will you put together a apostle talk book? Stuff to ponder about, because we can't print here. I really want a bunch from Elder Holland and I want "His grace is sufficent" Brad Wilcox, and "How to get personal revaluation" Bruce R. McKonkie (this one is an institute talk so please look thanks), and also the institute guide to the Docterine Covanants. 
Okay now the good stuff. The baptism we have next week is a Mother, Sister McCallah. She is a stud!! Every time we go to teach her, she does the teaching. She is so prepared aaaahhhhh!!!! I can't wait till next sunday!! She has a vision for the branch and that's to fill the whole building on Sunday with people/members. She's right we have to have a vision so we can strive to achieve it.
We meet another man yesterday named Daniel. He is an older man but smart. He wanted to bible bash with us. And I'm sorry to say I did for a bit but we got sick of it and invited him and bore testimony of the Book of Mormon. He took it and said he's going to prove us wrong. But before we left he said something that made me wonder. He said "Have a good day, you have a certain light around and in you, but have a good day." WHAT!?!?! Are you kidding!?! We have a light in us but you aren't going to believe us? Man I felt like banging my head on the wall! It just didn't make sense. So I came to the conclusion that we probably just planted seeds for that man. I hope he comes around.
Well I hope to hear from you all this week MOM. DAD, CARTER, JOSHUA, NIKAYLE, SIRI, BRIXEN. I was so excited to recieve an email from you but I got none. Nathan and Gregg came through though so it's ok. :) I love you all. Keep the faith. Something profound that I learned is that we have a right to see the eternities in this life. Just that most of us are unworthy!!! Become worthy and seek revalation from God. Elder Mathewson taught me that. He said it's in Bruce R. McKonkies talk so read and see. I love you all again you are my heros and I want to be like you when I grow up. 

Elder Henderson

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