Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello White People! 9/9/2013

Hello white people,
Hahaha yeah I've gotten that a lot this last week. I guess it's supposed to be a racial slur....wierd I've always been the majority it's different. Sorry I wasn't chewing you out last week I was kidding. Remember I'm in Jamaica.
   Okay where to start? Well I'll start with Sister McCalla's baptism. She was baptised yesterday. We woke up at 5 am and got every thing ready. Right before the baptism was about to start we discovered that there was no baptismal suits!!!! AAAGGGGGG so Elder Brimhall and Elder Egan raced home and got our white pants and white shirts. Sister McCalla is great she didn't even care! She was just so ready to be baptised.......I may or may not burn my shirt and pants. hahaha I have some pictures I'll send you.
   But Sister McCalla's baptism isn't the only highlight of the day. We went to church right after the baptism and guess what?!?! NOTHING....Jk (that's for you Brixen). We went in to sacrement and we had 7 investigators show up to church!!! This is nuts according to Elder Mathewson, he said he usually only gets one if he's lucky. AND WE GOT 7!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH so awesome. We were excited and talked to all of them after church. Every single one of them had their testimonies strengthened and their desire to be baptised increased. Like I said before we should have a couple of baptisms on Sept. 28. Once again, this is not the only thing that we were excited about. We sat down last night and did our numbers. We had 23 lessons. Elder Mathewson said again he only gets 16. We are killing it thanks to Heavenly Father.
   Something else of intrest was we went to our only dinner appointment every week and Sister Mac was asking me if I could understand her. (she was speaking patwi) And I said yes and she was blown away! I guess it takes missionaries 2 months before they start understanding what people are saying. The Lord has really blessed me in every aspect but especially with this one and I am so grateful.
   Well we had our first down pour....finally! There were literally rivers running down the street. Mom you would have loved the thunder it is increadably loud!!!! I took some pictures of that too so I'll send them if I can. There's so many things that I have experienced and learned I can't write them all!
   Dad you would hate the driving here. They step on the gas pedal and brake any time they can. There is no speed limit anywhere here and they make 2 lane roads into 4....some how, I don't know how but they do. Jamaican's have got to be the best drivers in the world.

Elder Henderson (far left),  (?) Sister McCallah (third from left), (??) Elder Matthewson (far right)

Something that's been bothering me is that I heard the 30% of missionaries once they come home go inactive. I so badly don't want that to happen to me. I reflect on that day after day. I am doing my best to not only prepare for my investigators and learn and have revelation for myself, but to also prepare myself so that I do not fall when I come home. PREPARE NOW!!!!!! I know that if we truly turn to god he won't leave us. He has done everything He can so that we can succeed! God is always there. Just give Him time to answer and He will. He is my God and I refuse to leave his side. I invite you all to make the same commitment. Know that as you come closer every aspect of your life will change for the better and you will be blessed I promise you. Know that when you are in those moments when you are backed up to the wall of faith there are two ways you can turn. Either to God or to fall. Turn to him. I am always on your side I don't care if the whole world is against us! There are more of us than there are with them and as we become more united with God and our family we can accomplish all.
   I look up to all of you. You are all my hero's and someday I hope to be able to walk off that plane and see your smiling faces and know I did everything I could to make you proud. I love you all. Keep going, carpe deium live in the moment and love it.
   Elder Henderson
P.S. I ate chicken foot. It's like biting your own finger that has been in the water too long. And well my fingers are pretty tasty

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