Monday, October 14, 2013

Lots of Investigators 10-14-13

Well hi everyone. I miss all your warm faces so much. I love hearing from you and all your thoughts on the gospel and what is going on in your personal lives. You are all a blessing to me. I love you all. 
   So everyone wants to know about my investigators. Well here you go. Sister McCalla is a good lady. She is completely engaged in the work, just like everyone should be. She is doing the preaching of the word of God. Then when she has questions on how to teach something or needs a Book of Mormon she asks us. That's how it is supposed to be now. The trick is getting the members involved. You all must do better, I must do better. God is hastening his work and missionaries are guides. The preaching is supposed to be done by you. But I know you all are doing just that! We have an investigator named Andre Harrison. When we first met him he could hardly read. Well we gave him a Book of Mormon 3 weeks ago. And what happened was amazing. Every time we met with him, I noticed he could read better. Now he is almost done with Mosiah! A kid who can't really read. WOW! Not only that he can now read fluently! We are told by an apostle that all problems we have in this world can be solved in the scriptures. Just pick them up!!! He is supposed to be baptized next week. I hope he comes to church. (That's that hardest part out here. Everyone is so lazy they won't walk to church. So I ran the 3.25 miles to church today in 22 minutes, so people can no longer complain.) We have another investigator Sister Harrison (aunt to andre). She was supposed to be baptized this week but, she missed church. Her Sister died Saturday so I understand why she was feeling bad and didn't come. But we went and talked to her and she said that she is having an easier time with it than when her son died back in August because she now knows the plan of Salvation. So sick!!! Well I would love to tell you more about investigators but I have so many that we can't visit all of them. So I'll tell you about two more. Kenisha, we found her on a prompting to go to a members house. She wasn't home so stopped her as she walked down the street. (I seem to do that a lot. It gets me in trouble because it makes us late to appointments sometimes.) But when we went and saw her the other day. She said the she already knew everything we said was true. WHAT?! How? She had been praying for the last few months for someone to help her with her studies. So yeah, she is in progress and if we can get her to church she will be awesome! The other one is Joseph Grant. We went to meet with Joseph the other day for the first time. Well come to find out that he had already read: True to the Faith, all the pamphlets. He wanted more so he got in touch with us. We took him a Book of Mormon. As soon as he got it he stopped paying attention to us and read. Even during my prayer. hahaha He was sure excited about it. I just love it!!!!
    This week has been a good week. I am finally adjusting. The work is becoming fun for me. But once again 22 months is forever long....until I look back over the last 8 weeks. Hahaha SO I LOVE JAMAICA. It's a blast!!!! 
    Mom tell Grandma and the Swinsons that I got their letters today. I loved them they were very inspirational. Especially the talk that was sent. I also am very grateful for the patriarcle blessings of Grandma and Grandpa. They in lightened me quit a bit.
   Dad we are teaching at least 6 men right now. They just progress slower than women. You know they have that attitute that they know everything. BUT, God is softening their hearts. It's a blessing to me to watch.
   Carter I love to hear from you. It's okay that this week was boring. Just make the next one fun!!! Key word make. You have the choice. Keep going and keep telling me how things are going and if I can help you in any way.
   Joshua I got half your email. But way to be on soccer!!!! You are a stud! How's piano going? Mine is going well!!! I practice atleast 15 minutes a day because I have to play every sunday. Yesterday I played hymn 1, 105, 169, and 152. I was so nervous but God helped me play them very well. Mom asked how President Britton knew I played. He walked in on me as I played before church.....Note to self make sure the door is locked next time....Just kidding. I am glad I have the opportunity to play to strengthen my talent.
   Nikayle I believe you have a birthday coming up. What do you want from Jamaica? I'll try to find it okay? Keep your studies in the Book of Mormon up it will be a blessing to you.
   Siri same with you! What would you like? I am glad to hear you are taking Gymnastics! You'll be fabulous and beautiful at the same time! You are my hero.
   Brixen I miss you too little one. I wish I could come home and just hold you and never let go. When I am feeling a little down I remember your smile and that makes me smile. I will always be your BEST friend. 3 more months till I'll speak to you okay?
   I would encourage everyone reading this to make preparations in going on a mission! It will bless you in more ways than you can imagination. It has blessed me in more ways than I can write. Please, God has given us everything. Do you know the real reason for a mission? It's not for the people you will serve and bring into the gospel. (maybe a little) The mission is mainly for the missionary. Especially with the way that the work is heading turning things over to the members. MAKE PREPARATIONS NOW! I love you all. Till next week be strong and smile because your son, brother, and friend is thinking about you then........I hit a pot hole and fall on my face. Again I wish you all the best of luck. 
Elder Henderson
P.S. I'm sending some pictures
cut my own hair. 

  sunrises are the best here.

   here we are.

  another beauty of a morning.

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