Monday, October 28, 2013

My Favorite Week So Far 10/28/13

Well another week has flown by.....would any of you please tell the time to slow down? It would be nice. So to give you a little taste of Jamaica. It is sunny everyday. Some days it will rain a little bit. The people here are so kind and loving. The food here is fantastic, I love it to death. I enjoy the sun rises and sun sets they are probably the most beautiful ones I have ever seen especially the sun rises...........OH YEAH i FORGOT IT'S STILL 90+ DEGREES!!!!! AAAAhhhhhhh where is winter?!? I just love to sweat everyday all day no matter what I am doing, even in the cold shower I sweat. Oh well there must be a price paid for so much beauty.
   So this week was probably my most favorite week so far here in the mission field. We have 3 investigators come to church, 4 Less actives come, and my boy Jean-Dee McCalla gave his farewell talk. It was awesome. I also got the chance to play the hymns again. I hope I am getting better....even if I mess up quite a bit. For example, I was playing hymn 27 and during the third verse my mind wondered on me. That is never good. I started thinking about, who knows what, and before I realized it I stopped playing completely. I quickly evaluated the dire situation, and started playing again.....wrong part of the song.....oh no.....I just started playing from the start and it happened to be where everyone was. haha Small mercy from God, but it was fun. 
    To tell you a little more about our investigators. I will start with Theo aka Alfredo Wilson. (He was one who came to church). Theo absolutly loved church. He described it "I felt welcome, completely welcome. I don't do well with crouds but I was okay there.....I felt overjoyed like if you place a glass of water underneath the tap and it over flows..." So awesome!!! During church he got an answer to his prayers, multiple actually. When we first talked with Theo he told us on how he was engaged and was struggling to find a job. He had a sincere desire to simply provide. He explained further saying that he had been cast out from his family and that he had been out of work for a really long time. You could just tell how humble this man was. He told us of many nights he spent on his knees praying for help and strength. Well at church during priesthood quorum a man stood up and said, "is anyone looking for a job? I need to hire someone effective immediately..." Can you imagine his joy? I can't but I could see it. He had a smile from ear to ear as he went up to talk to the man after church. Awesome. Later we went to see him to follow up on how church was and have a lesson. He was still smiling. He said "How do I keep this feeling?" We said "Be baptized." "I have to be baptized then. When can I be baptized?" What!?!?! I was just like wow. God has prepared this man so much it's amazing. I sure hope that he continues down this road, it will bring him many more blessings than a job. He is only scratching the surface.
    You know before this experience we had to drop a lot of investigators because they were not keeping their commitments. For example, Cindy said to us "I won't come unless I have fare for the taxi" I explained to her how I run the distance every week and how my 95 year old grandfather walked to church with me several times when I was younger. She said that it didn't matter that God understands that we sin......Hey doesn't that sound familiar? Try 2 Nephi 28 (I think verse 7-9) Gosh I didn't realize that that scripture would come to pass so literately. In this instance anyway (Dad don't worry I know there are many more meanings to that scripture). It is just amazing how stupid people are. They constantly want better and beg for it but they wont help themselves. Too bad I can't help if you won't help yourself. 
    Dad I am sending you a letter with some of my thoughts on the things I am studying. I don't have time to really digest your whole email so I am hoping that you can teach me as we write back and forth. I just wish I could get up with you and study every morning. Mom I got 2 of the packages the other one is in the office. Thank you so much!!! I couldn't stop smiling...even to talk. I loved the whole thing. Tell grandma thank you too.
    Tell the Swinson's that I got their letters as well and that I loved them. I really liked the talk about refinement. Any talks that people like I would love to read them. I love reading them.
    Well that's all for now. Or that I can think of. So, take care all. I love each one of you. I look up to each one of you. You are my heros. Nikayle keep up the good solid work. Your awesome! Siri, Sorry to hear you were sick but I am glad you are better. Continue to enjoy school. Brixen of course I will love you decorations!!! I love all of your drawings......sssshhhhh I'll let you in on a secret. You drawings always make a tear come to my eye because of your thoughtfulness. You are one bright light in this dark night of turmoil. I love you.

Elder Henderson
This is how I work out.... the hard way!

A frog we found.

What should we name him?

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