Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Well, Hello Again! 10/22/13

Well hello again!!!! I am very grateful for all your letters this week. I love every single one of them. I just wish I had more time to read them all. Grandma thanks for your kind letters and also the Swinson's I enjoyed their letter and talk they sent about being refined. I will defiantly try to put that to use. 
   Well this week was full of ups and downs. I had a bit of a harder week. I get to watch all these miracles that go on around me and it seems like no one else notices them. How is that possible? It is very frustrating. So this last week we had two people lined up to be baptized this coming Saturday. Andre and Sister Harrison. Elder Mathewson and I felt like they were ready, they are ready, except they didn't come to church!!!!!! GGGGrrrrrr.......WHY IS THAT SO HARD? One Sunday left and they  couldn't push through. It was very discouraging for me. I have watched the Lord bless these two in so many ways and when one thing comes up it all goes to pot. Oh well I can understand some of it. For one Sister Harrison lost her sister which is understandable why she  would be upset. So I am trying not to get too down. We will just have to be patient. Oh man do I struggle with that! Just something else the Lord has shown me that I need to work on. 
   So throughout the week like I said we have had many miracles. On Wednesday, Elder Mathewson's tire blew out so we were on foot the whole day......it rained the whole day. Not only rained but poured. I was so wet I felt like I was swimming. The puddles were up to my knees in places on the streets. But we pushed onward because rain will not stop the Lord's work it will go on. Anyway we went and saw everyone in our area. No one would meet with us, so we went to a cook shop and ate some dinner (to try and cheer ourselves up). It was cold on the way home. (still raining of course) But I started to sing some hymns. As I sung about being in the Lord's army and such I felt an overwhelming feeling of love come over me. It warmed me from head to toe. Not only that the rain stopped. Like completely as we were singing. As we approached the house it was about8:15. We talked about going in for the night but I said lets go to one more persons house. Well guess what happened when we went to Jay's house?!?! Nothing......he wasn't home. As we headed back for the night I saw a movement in the street. (the power was out, again, so I could really see it.) As we got closer I noticed it was a crab!!!! The crab took off, they are really quit fast! But me being me, I caught up to it and started pulling a karate kid. (With the arms and everything) I kicked that crab all over the street like a soccer ball. I accidentally kicked off it's leg so I stopped. Then a brilliant thought came to mind. I was going to cook that 2 lbs crab, and that's what I did. I picked it up and took it home. I threw it in a pot with casian seasoning. I have never had crab before but, that crab was delicious!!! Even the other Elder's thought so. I am going to cook a lot more crab in the future. So the Lord even blessed me with a yummy crab to eat when I was feeling down. It helps to know that the Lord always has your back. He is always there, and he cares. He really does. 
    One more experience that I will share with you is the day after. We had Zone meeting and we were challenged to "turn the members into the missionaries". Elder Mathewson and I had already started doing that but we made plans accordingly for that weekend to talk to them more about it. As we left (we were still on foot) and headed to our appointments on the day we ran into 4 of the strongest members in our area.  I think the Lord wasn't happy with how we planned so he helped us out a bit. What a miracle! We weren't even going to go into their areas. WOW. It humbled me, always act right away on promptings and counsel. The Lord doesn't like a slothful servant. DO NOT EVER BE SLOTHFUL! There is simply too much to do. Don't worry I had a long talk with God that night asking for forgiveness. 
    Like I said earlier this week was challenging for me. It tested me, it still is. It made me wonder if my faith is really growing. If I am becoming the man that I need to become. If I truly am doing and becoming a missionary for the rest of my life. I have a lot to ponder about. The problem is I don't have any time to ponder about them because I have too much to do. Mostly because I play the piano on Sunday and when other missionaries get a break I must be practicing so I can play. Man I wish for just a moment to myself. 
    Well I will be writing some personal emails. I love you all keep up the good work. Remember that the Lord has revealed that the members are the missionaries and the missionaries are just there to help. GET TO WORK! There is a lot to do. Always know he is there and he cares. Till next week remember I am in Jamaica, a tropical island, you are in the cold right now but I am enjoying 88 degree weather. I love you :)
Elder Henderson
 Elder Henderson and Matthewson  "cutting yard"  

Elder Christiansen and Elder Henderson after running to the church

Eating crab in Spanish Town

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