Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ups and Downs 10/7/13

So I am going to do something different today. I am going to write first then read the emails and give answers to questions. So yeah we will see how this goes.
   Well this week has been full of ups and downs. Last Monday after I wrote you I got kind of depressed because 22 months is a long stinking time. It still seems like a long time looking ahead but looking back it is going fast....kinda. But in the short time I have been out here I have grown in enormous ways! My piano ability is just shooting out of this world. I have been putting in anywhere from 30-60 minutes of practice a day to try and be ready for next Sunday. I have learned five hymns that I can play with someone singing. WOW, I didn't think I could do that!! You also wouldn't believe how fast I am going through the material you sent me. I have finished all the talks given by the Quorum of the 12 in my room, I have read "My Heritage", I am over 100 pages into Jesus the Christ, I am almost finished with Doctrine and Covenants, I am also about half way through the Book of Mormon (the one I am going through marking all things to do with my question). I have a thirst for learning that I have never had before. It's like this void that I can't fill. It drives me nuts coming into this store and seeing all the books and books that I can't read!!! GRRRRRR.......Why couldn't I have discovered this sooner? Dad I am still studying the talk Elder McConkie gave about personal revaluation. It's taken me most of the transfer and I still have so much more to go. I can quote scripture after scripture where it says we are entitled to see our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, face to face in THIS LIFE. It has been blowing my mind! But I'll send all the notes home when I have finished my study. I already filled out a whole notebook of thoughts, impressions, scriptures, cross references, etc. I think you would like what I have found and I am excited to share it with you. My physical skill and abilities have waned in areas and in others grown. Like my speed has decreased but my endurance has increased by far. hahaha I'll have a lot of work to do when I get home. But I know the Lord will bless me as I strive to do as he says. Also I never thought that I could function on 6-7 hours of rest every night and still be in a good mood. I have struggled with being angry this week but I feel like it's because I wasn't trying to enjoy myself. It's okay to have fun while you work, so the last few days I have really focused on that and it has turned this week around. So yeah that's a little taste of what I have been doing and what I have learned.
   This last weekend was conference.....I am mad as I'll get out!!! I can't wait 6 months for another one.....I have nothing to look forward too.....I enjoyed that conference more than I have ever enjoyed a conference before. I took over 10 pages of notes over the 5 sessions. I can't wait till we get the October Ensign so I can read them all over again. There was so many things I learned I can't write them all but I will share a little bit. An under lying message in every talk given was that fact that we need to LOVE. That got me thinking, love is the force that drives everyone one to do anything. It is either a love for a task we are doing, a love for the person who asks us to do the task, or a love of the reward at the end of the task. There in lies true happiness is a love of all three. I invite all of you to reevaluate your lives and motives. We must all increase our love in some way shape or forum. My love in all these categories have increased and it will still increase as I serve. I often times find myself dreading the day that I have to leave Spanish Town because, well Spanish Town in where it's at!! I would love to spend my whole mission here!!!! I can't wait for the day that I can show you how awesome this place is here. The mission is a wonderful experience you grow so much in such a short time. You learn so much in a short time. I would invite all who read this to prepare to go on a mission. It should be expected for women to come out on a mission because we also learned in conference that the persecution that we had in the beginning of the church we have avoided, but that will not last. We need a stronger generation of men and women, where is a better place to prepare for the rest of your life than in the mission field?? Prepare now!!! There is so much more I want to share with you on the topic of conference but I simply don't have my notes or the time to share it all. Sorry....:/ 
    Dad I got your letter this week...well half of it. I haven't read it because I am waiting for the other half of it. I love letters that I receive from you. YOU are my hero, I would love to hear on what you are studying in the scriptures, some insights you have on verses.
    Mom I haven't received the package yet but I am waiting expectantly. I love your cooking and miss it every single day. There are recipes here that you would love and I'll bring them back for your collection that I want one day. Okay? Dibs no battle. Sorry Cater I win.
   Carter keep being a stud. You need to grow more before you get out here. Don't wait go to work!!!!
   Same with you Joshua, you have a long ways to go before you come out here. Be diligent in all you do and watch the Lord help you.
   Nikayle decide now that you will serve a mission!!! You need to experience this okay? I love you princess, you are beautiful keep it up.
   Siri you little stinker!!! Are you having fun?? I am and you better be too because you are always so much fun to hang around. Keep being obedient okay?
   Brixen guess what?!?!?! Nothing hahaha. That never gets old. You keep making everyone laugh okay? Good. I can't come home for a while but I will come home with honor. I love you. 
   We have had several awesome lessons this week. I don't know what is going on but the Spirit has been incredibly strong recently. You can tell the investigators can feel it because they will break down in tears, or look around wondering what that is, or stuff along those lines. The work is picking up pace and I feel grateful to be apart of it! Every missionary out here insists that I will be a prophet and that I am the most well prepared missionary of all time. They assure me that I will serve off island and that I will be an AP. I'm not sure if I like all that attention, it's not good. Plus it kind of overwhelms me with all that is expected of me. That credit goes to all of you. Mom, Dad you have shaped me so far into who I am. I thank you for all you have given me and I plan to continue all those things you encouraged me to do. But from here on out it will be the Lord who will shape me into who I need and must become so I can stand tall when the storm hits that the apostles talked about yesterday. Keep going I am with you in spirit and you are always in my heart.
   Well I'm going to try and read some emails now so see you next week. God be with all of you till I see you again.

Elder Henderson

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