Monday, January 27, 2014

Great Week 1-20-14

Garbage, days slip away into weeks now.........Time surely does fly by as you get lost. But I am grateful for the short moments that I have here in Jamaica. I feel like I have been here for maybe a day or two not really over 5 months.......weird. 
    But this was a great week!!! We had District conference yesterday. Elder Gammiette was there (quorm of the seventy). A couple of interesting things were said. First was that this would be the last District meeting........that means that the next would be a Stake conference. But it isn't official yet so keep praying! Elder Gammiette gave a very powerful talk. It was funny on how he couldn't speak English very well but the Spirit was very strong. That just goes to show just how much we all need the Spirit. We don't even need to speak the same language, if the spirit talks to someone then that is what does the converting. Remember that a perfect lesson is one that brings the Spirit (Elder Holland). President Brown also addressed us. But what would a District meeting in Jamaica be with out a power outage??? Yeah..:/ So I didn't get to really hear everything he had to say. Once again though the Spirit was there and it was very strong! On top of an awesome meeting we had 2 investigators and 6 less actives that came back. 2 of those less actives are now active!!!! YES! Killer week.
     After coming home for lunch, I looked in the freezer. I noticed a pie crust box that Mom sent......I thought it was simply pie crust so I threw it in the freezer........Well I opened it yesterday and too my surprise I found two brand new ties! haha Thanks MOM!!!! That was a good one I am sure you will get a laugh out of that one. 
     So basically it was a fun week. A lot of work gets done between Elder Norman and I. But, even when we work hard we have whole heaps of fun. Probably more fun than anyone else. That's how it goes, isn't it? When you work hard you have that much more fun. Always work hard because if you don't give anything for God to work with how can he multiply your talents or money or anything? He can't. No matter if you times 1000000000000 by 0 it is still 0. So work hard in everything you do and the Lord will truly bless you.
    I love you all. You are all in my prayers every single day.

Elder Henderson

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