Monday, January 13, 2014

Whappen Everyone?? 1/13/14

Whappen everyone?? (What's up in patois). This week was a miracle in it's self. We had four baptisms this week. They are as follows: Nekietha, Brother and Sister Campbell, and Dimitri Douglas. I cannot explain the sheer joy I had in my heart as I watched each one of them walk into the waters of baptism on three separate days. The best way to describe it is to say my heart is truly full. Funny story though. Brother Campbell is like 6'5" 300+lbs. The person who baptized him is President Ulett, he is like maybe 5'9" 180lbs? I'll send a picture and you can see yourselves. Anyway, as Pres. held his arm to the square we could hardly see him, I just thought to myself as this was going on, "Well garbage, if I can't see him now how is he going to pull him out of the water in about 30 seconds?" Well he finished the prayer and down Brother Campbell went leaving Pres. standing there still with his arm to the square. He was in shock for about 2 seconds, and then scrambled to help Brother Campbell up. Quickly, without help, Brother Campbell jumped back up. (Yes he was completely submerged) So basically he baptized him self, like Alma. HAHA Oh boy i laughed for a good while after that one.

This week was full of ups and downs. I hold myself to such a high standard and when I don't achieve that goal or standard I am pretty hard on myself. But right before Dimitri's baptism we were listening to a Mormon message in which Elder Russel M. Nelson said something that made me think differently. He said "Don't be so hard on yourself. This life is not about perfection, perfection comes in the next life." That struck home for me. It caused a great deal of wonder inside me. I thought over and over on that and I came to the conclusion that I need to work on that. So for the next week I am still going to be doing the best I can but I will give myself a little slack and learn to forgive myself. That is something that everyone can work on. I have seen how easy it is to forgive someone else but often times people miss one of the most important people in forgiveness, themselves. If we can't forgive our selves we can no longer progress until we learn how to. Just a thought for you all for the week. Tell me what you think.

This is a shout out to my aunts and uncles in Kentucky! Thanks for all you do and your support! I love you!

Grandma, I heard your mouth is pretty sore. Sorry to hear that but at least your teeth will look nice and pearly white right?? I hope you get feeling better soon. By the way how is Duke doing???

Again I am so grateful for all of you and all you all do. You give me a reason to drag myself out of bed each morning. You give me the drive I need to fight the extreme temptation and urges to sleep during lessons. For that I will for always be grateful. Keep fighting a good fight. We are winning and this work must go on.

Your Elder,
Elder Henderson

Elder Henderson, President Ulett, Campbells, Elder Norman

Scott, SIster and Brother Campbell, Elder Norman


Dimitri Douglas - 10 years old

This is how I heat up vegetables!

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