Monday, January 27, 2014

Picking up the Pace 1-27-14

Another week has passed.....again. This week was a little trying for me. I think it was just one of those weeks we all get. I am sure this next week will be better! 
    Well this week was a little crazy! We gave way more Recent Convert lessons than we normally do. I believe it is because we just added three to the list, from the baptisms (soon to be four). I can not explain how important home teaching is! As missionaries our purpose it to find, teach, and baptize others. Yes, we are supposed to help out with recent converts and less actives but the whole job should not be on us. We simply don't have enough time to nourish them with the good word of God that they need. Do your home teaching! There is a reason that the Lord has asked us to do it! Once we can establish home teaching out here the work will pick up far faster than it is already going. Until then we will just trust the Lord and do our best. 
    This Sunday we had another good turn out for Less Actives. We had 6 less actives and 3 investigators. One of our investigators is named Simone. Elder Norman and I struggle to teach her, mostly because I find it hard to teach a lesson in 5 words or less (that is all we get to say.) She likes to talk. Any suggestions besides taping her to a pole and duck taping her mouth shut? Just kidding... But she really is a nice lady. Plus she brought her friend and two of her cousins kids with her this week and she says she will bring them all plus her mother and brother next week. She also said yesterday that she "isn't a member yet but will be soon." So we will just have to work through this, not sure if it is a weakness, but "talking talent." Something else with her is that she is referring us like crazy to everyone in Inswood - the very place that Elder Norman and I have spent the last 2 transfers breaking in to. (Meaning getting appointments, members, etc.) We have great success there! The area is about as big as the houses down across the street from Siri's school. So we are very excited. 
    Once church finished we had our ward mission leader come up to us and tell us that we are going to have a baptism this Saturday at 1. Our little man Nathan Barnett decided to get baptized then. I'd say that was some awesome news for us. We are very excited for that.
    Well there is not much more to tell than the work is slowly picking up pace. I sure hope I can keep in step. Please please please keep you covenants. It is the only safety in the world! I love you all and you are all in my prayers.

Elder Henderson

We got a good idea to get on the roof and watch the sunrise. And this is what turned out. Yeah it's the crew.....just chilling.

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