Saturday, February 15, 2014

Last Week in Spanish Town 2/10/14

Hello again for yet another week! Well big news everyone I just spent my last week in Spanish Town..........Garbage......There is still so much work to be done in preparation for the stake. The work here isn't all complete yet so why the devil am I being transferred?!? Ug.........Oh well, I am very excited though to go to my new area. I will be the new office Elder. So basically I take care of the finances of the mission, peoples passports, the mail, the maintenance of the cars, etc. I will get to drive all over the island so I will know the whole island like the back of my hand. Also, I will be whitewashing Downtown Kingston.......let us just say that it isn't the best area in the world to be. Then about 4 P.M. President wants us out teaching. So I do at least get to go teaching for a bit of the day. This is sure going to challenge me but i am excited for what the Lord has in store for me. I guess we will soon find out. Oh by the way my new companion will be Elder Newcomb. And my new P-Day will be on Saturday until I leave the office.
   Yesterday was another wonderful Sunday. We had a whole heap of investigators come, and more less actives too (different ones even). It was also kind of sad for me. The branch President asked me to give a leaving testimony and well I didn't know what to say. How do you put words to feelings such as the ones I feel for this area. So much time i spent here. I literately love this place just like a home. Yeah.....that was a rough testimony for me, and it didn't help that the members were crying either! But after sacrament meeting we had our next three days filled out because members came and asked us to come for dinner, lunch, breakfast, say goodbye, etc. The next few days will simply be saying goodbye to the members. Not the most effective but what can you do? I don't even have to buy groceries this week. haha sick huh? It was a very eventful Sunday so many funny stories I wish I could share with all of you but I don't have the time. When I come home.
   I have been reading the Old Testament recently because people always ask if I have read the whole bible and also I want to know a little more. I am reading it when I have the time too, like before bed. I am in Lev. and so far it has astounded me on how much preparation Aaron had to have from Moses before he could fulfill his office. Wow it is like 30 chapters worth. It is so symbolic of the crucifixion of our savior it isn't even funny! No wonder the Pharisees had a hard time understanding it. It was because the Savior had not come yet. The new testimate and Book of Mormon would sure have helped them out! I have come to realize that in the short time out here that people simply have not put in the time to read the bible. Because there are a lot of religions that would not even exists if they would read the bible. I love it when people ask me to prove my point when I teach so I wipe out the Book of Mormon. Then they are like no out of the bible so I pull out a very similar scripture out of the bible. Weird where did we hear that? Bible, Book of Mormon go hand in hand maybe? What I am trying to say is we should all spend some more time in the scriptures there are many many many hidden treasures there. Especially in the Old Testament.
   I really enjoy all of your insights to the scriptures. Swensons thank you for all the letters! I particularly enjoyed the last talk you sent about the fall, and creation. It made me think but it all makes sense. Like how the tree of good and evil was like a veil to the tree of life. And several other things I learned a lot from it! I am grateful to Carrolyn for her letters as well they are great! Thanks aunteeeeeee. And everyone else! It always picks up my day. Well I hope you all have a great week! I will talk or read your emails on Saturday. Keep up the faith and I hope the snow keeps on coming. I am still in the sun at 88 degrees have fun!!!

Elder Henderson

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