Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Week In Jamiaca... 2-3-14

Hello family and crew. Another week has passed us by leaving us older and hopefully more refined and better. 
This was a great week for Elder Norman and I!!!! We just seem to have more fun than anyone else but we get 
more work done than anyone else!!!!! I sometimes struggle to remember what we did this week because I swear 
that it has only been a day since I left. One long, extremely fun day. So forgive me if I reiterate some things from 
letter to letter.
   Yesterday was a fabulous day!!! First off most of (except 1) less actives that we have been working with 
became active! Secondly we had 2 less actives that we just started working with come to church for the first time in weeks yesterday. Third, we had 6 investigators come to church.........WITH MEMBERS!!!! That's right the 
members brought them. I'll tell you what we couldn't have done it with out them! They make all the difference, 
you make all the difference! It isn't hard to invite a friend and bring them to church. If we all did 
that's a lot of investigators. So this week try it. Bring someone to church. You never know they might love it. 
    We taught a whole lot of people this week and it has been crazy for Elder Norman and I trying to prep the area for the split here in a week. We have members we need to talk to, to help them with their missionary work and to 
make sure that the transition to two brand new elders is seamless. We also need to help members with their 
cottage meetings. We also need to do some work and solidify some of the other area to help the next Elders 
not have to completely white wash. Investigators to see. As well as less actives to see and reactivate. It sure 
has us busy! But I am so grateful for that because it makes the days seem to slip by. Man I love this place 
and I don't want to leave!!!!
    I hope that everything is going well with all of you. You are all in my prayers constantly! Every single day! 
Joshua again happy birthday. Mom........I forgot it was your birthday a month ago.......sorry but happy birthday. 
Nikayle and Siri same with you,........I forgot..........happy 4 month late birthday!!!! I would send you all a present 
or something but there is too many options. Way too many so I will just wait and buy you all something when 
you come out here with me okay? I am so sorry, I just have been so busy. I can't believe it is almost my birthday......weird.........I think I may be turning 9 inside.....or maybe 8. At least that is how I feel. I am never going to grow up in some things. Again I hope that this week is better than the last. I love you all. Keep the faith.

Elder Henderson

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