Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Where Does the Time Go? 3-1-14

Once question for all of you out there. Where the devil did the month of February go?!?!?! Wow it has been one quick month. I expect that this one will be the same way. The days just keep going faster and faster. I swear it is always night time and time to go to bed!
   Anyway, this was a really fun week for me! The highlight of the week had to of been our "road trip" to Portie aka Port Antonio. We had to help some missionaries move houses out there. So, late last week President asked if Elder Newcomb and I could do it. Of course we responded yes. So on Thursday we sat down to discuss the route we wanted to take. There was only one route that came up and so it was sort of easy to decide. But I had a great idea, I switched the direction points from going to coming from to coming from to going. And we discovered a new route that lead across the whole eastern half of Jamaica. It was a lot longer distance but after talking back and forth we discovered that the amount of time was about the same. So we did one long loop. Oh man I didn't know what I was in for! What splendor! What gorgeous beauty! If any of you come to Jamaica you must see what I just saw! Wow. 
    We set out Friday morning as the sun was coming across the mountains (yes mountains!). We drove and drove. We saw spectacular parts of the jungle aka bush. As we went we took a wrong turn and drove on this dirt road for like 20 minutes! I felt like I was on a safari hunting lions, because we were in a bunch of cane fields. But after 20 minutes of head bobbing we discovered a construction sight. I will send a picture of it here in a minute. We climbed up to a ridge and took some pics they were awesome! Back in the car and finally after much teasing on my part we made it back to the correct road and drove the rest of the way along the beach. I wish I could do it justice and describe it in words but I simply can't. Just like the Nephites couldn't write things because they couldn't even utter words which described how they felt. Same thing. I was truly a blast! And what's more is the drive home. We went through some of the most curvy roads known to man. ( I of course was the driver then.) And guess what!?!?! There was no speed limit so people were crazy drivers and flew around those bends. I will not lie though I felt like a race car driver with a stick shift and all. Yes you will see the highlights on ESPN tomorrow night. But that was a beautiful drive as well. 
   This week was fun as well with teaching. We never seem to stop. Always going. Thank goodness for a truck. As I have been thinking about what President Brown told me that I needed to do I got a revelation. His exact words were quote "Your task will be to baptize in the office". While we are still trying to get 'water' baptisms I was prompted that I am more here to baptize those less actives by fire. As we have started to do this I have noticed that we have run into many more people who are members who are less actives and some who aren't even members. So we stick them to the less actives and ask them to help us teach. Boom killed two birds with one stone! Slowly but surely this branch is progressing. Also, the Relief society finally has all the counselors! YES!!! Big step there. We have one for the Presidency and one on the way. Small increments. 
   Another cool story for all of you. We just finished teaching a lesson. (my bicycle was in the bed of the truck. We were taking it to Elder Nelson to use) Elder Newcomb wanted to get some fries really quick so we did. When we returned my bike was gone! It killed me because we forgot to strap it down to something. Elder Newcomb said we should say a prayer so we did. We then drove around the block twice and decided to get out and look in people's yard. (People here are not the most honest) as we were walking down  this one street I noticed a man who was walking quickly away from us. We crossed the street and he went to the other side. So I crossed back, leaving Elder Newcomb on the other side of the street. He picked up his speed. I followed him a little bit and he went into his yard and brought out my bicycle saying "sorry". I was so grateful for that tender mercy. God is truly good to all of us if we will but let him. What is even more awesome is that is almost a 0% chance that anyone would fess up to it here. I think that part of the tender mercy was the fact that he thought we were CIA. I have not ceased to thank God for that blessing. The next day we saw him sitting on a fence. He looked really down and sad so I took a pack of the seeds Mom sent me and gave it to him. Not only did he look shocked he smiled. I felt an overwhelming feeling that God loved him just as he does you or me. I will never forget those smiling, thankful eyes. He truly needed that.
   There are so many more things that I wish I could share with all of you. But what I have said will have to suffice. Remember that the Lord is always looking out for you. "consider the lilleys  of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:.... Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?.......BUt seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." If we will but trust God he will help us in our every circumstance. I promise you! If you are lonely turn to him he will comfort you. If you are struggling with finances turn to him he will provide. If you are simple looking to help yourself become a better person turn to him because he will make all things become our strengths. (Ether 12: 27) I bear solemn testimony that Christ is our Savior and that he died not only for the sins of the world but for all the other "pains" the world has. Turn to him. No longer let him knock endlessly on your door but open the door and watch as he will make you and your life into far greater than you could ever imagine. He lives and loves you. I wish I could speak to you all face to face and let you know how much he loves you and how much I do. But that will wait until I have finished the work my Father has asked me to do. I love you all. 

Elder Henderson

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