Monday, December 30, 2013

Miracles at the End of the Year! 12/30/13

Dear peoples that I love and care about. How was your Christmas? I bet it wasn't as fun as mine, especially when Brixen told me that she has a new My Little Pony! HA beat that! But truly I do hope you all enjoyed your break so far, and the precious special time with you families. They are a great blessing in all of our lives.
   Well a couple of really cool things happened this week. About Monday Elder Norman and I were out and our lesson dropped. I had the distinct impression to go talk to a man who I have know for quit a while out here. I have known him because he always calls me over to talk to me when I finish my running in the morning. I have always brought up the gospel (so has Elder Nelson, the AP right now) and he didn't want anything to do with it. Well as we went over that night he invited us onto his pourch. We sat and small talked for a minute then very expertly went into our discussion, starting with a prayer ( you know that was the spirit because I couldn't have done it that expertly on my own......even though I might be pretty good). As we started he held up his and and asked us to stop. My faith wavered for a small moment. He got up and went inside with out another word. Only to appear back in the door way just a few seconds later, with a pen and a piece of paper. He sat down  and asked us to continue. He then wrote down everything that we said. He took very specific notes on everything. WOW! Once finished he asked us to come back and talk with his whole family. Without even extending the commitment to come to church he said he would be there Sunday with his family and he was!!!!! He quickly accepted the commitment to be baptized and said that his family would be too on that day. We later came to find out that his family were debating whether or not to go to the Baptist's church or to come to ours and our appearance that night he took as a sign from God. I am still is sheer awe. I told Elder Nelson and he had me repeat myself because he didn't believe it at first either, that's how hard hearted this man was. Key word was! We can all change and God is working on us daily! Just trust him he knows best.
   Well to complete the story to date: Sunday came around, I was on trade off, but as I walked into the church for the meeting after ours. And here came out the Cambell family just glowing.......They loved church a whole heap according to several of the members, myself, and what my comp said. More than that, we had 3 others come! Making our progressing investigators for the week at 4!!!! Not only that, we also had 5 less actives back! Just between Elder Norman and I!! It was a nice change. Miracles don't usually come all at once but as a process just like the sunrise, little by little. So yesterday was a blast just for that simple fact alone. At the end of church though Elder Humphries and I were sitting around while someone was signing his journal. ( transfer calls he is leaving but I am the same for at least one more transfer) I went up and played t he piano. Well here came three sisters from the branch. Bam! They thrusted some music in front of me they wanted to sing. It took me off guard but they were nice so I played. They sang and sang and sang some more! What is even weirder they sounded really good. It surprised me but I was just happy to be playing the piano. I love that instrument so much I can not even begin to describe my feelings. Maybe I'll learn to play the guitar while I am out here as well. hmmmmm.....what do you all think about that one?? We will see.
   Well I will send some pics here soon so I hope you all like them. Again thanks for all the letters, emails, cards, packages and love you all send. It help a lot more than you know. Most of them are perfectly timed right when I am feeling down. How you all do it I do not know but I am sure grateful you have a gift for that kind of stuff. So, thank you.
    Aunt Carolyn in Kentucky: Thank you for all your thoughtful letters. Thank you for the cash too. It really helps and I can't say thank you in the way I feel. Your words are always a boost and whether you know it or not, sometimes they have answers to questions I have been searching for. So thank you again! You are awesome. Hopefully one day I can thank you in person like this kind of stuff should be done. I love you. 
    Have a good week! I hope you all enjoy New Year's Eve. I sure will in 88 degree whether. But I love and care about every single one of you. I pray very very hard for each one of you every night. Thank you for all you do and who you are. You are all and example to me and my heros. I love you all.
 Elder Henderson

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