Saturday, April 19, 2014

Small Numbers 3-29-14

This was one crazy week! It was transfer week, and Elder Newcomb and I had a whole heap of stuff to do: get bikes, bed, supplies, helmets, collect money, fix cars, keep people from braking into the cars, etc. There was a whole lot. So it put a little tension/stress on us but, we were able to get it all finished thanks to God who helped us remember and gave us the energy to see it all through. And after all was said and done the transfer went very smoothly. 
   We had the chance this week to drive to Junction/Santa Cruz. Can I say that it is an absolutely beautiful drive! There is one part on which you come over a mountain and you look down into a valley with rolling green hills with the village below. Everything is just green and luscious and to top it off against the turquoise sky. Wow, spectacular! We had to move the Elders there to another apartment. It took us all day. I did the math out I believe I drove something like 15+ hours. Let us just say I slept like a stone when we came home. Oh, also I have been sleeping in a hammock the last few days. There was a sister who needed a bed to sleep in so we gave her my bed and I decided to sleep in the hammock. It is kind of fun actually. 
   We had one less active come to church last week. I am so grateful for that one. It might be a small number but, small numbers make big numbers. We need to be grateful for everything the Lord gives us. We also got some people to finally teach thins week. Elder Newcomb and I were street contacting in a scheme about 5:00pm. When we stopped and talked to a man by the name of Brother Clark. He is a grandpa and well he seemed, as we talked to him, not to be very interested in our message. But, we did get a return appointment. (in Jamaica when that happens it usually means that they wont be home or they gave us the wrong number. They only say we can come back to be plight I guess.) Anyway, we came back the next day and sure enough he came out and gave us every excuse in the book for us not to come in. While Elder Newcomb was doing that I started up a conversation with his grandchild. What a playful little kid. But after talking with the child, Elder Newcomb prevailed and convinced the man to ask if we could come in. Well the little girl followed the man inside and came skipping out a couple of minutes later with her Mom in tow. Her Mom came up to us and invited us in. Long story short we ended up teaching the Plan of Salvation (it started with us mentioning how she could be sealed as a family). When we were done with the discussion she had just one question. "How do I get sealed to me children?" Can you imagine the huge smiles that came across our faces as the simple words exited her mouth? They were enormous to say the least. After speaking with her about that we had a prayer. At the end of the prayer she had one more question "Where is my pamphlet?" so we gave her a Plan of Salvation track. I can't wait to see her on Sunday!!
   We had one other really cool lesson with Poppsy and Leona. We were talking with them about them praying about the Book of Mormon. And Poppsy said that he wasn't answered yet. So we talked to him on how the Spirit works and asked him to recall the feelings that he felt. We came to discover that he asked that if the Book of Mormon was true that his father would call from America. As we talked about what he was asking for he said ".......I know but, I felt that peaceful feeling that is present with you two when you come to teach. I really thought it was going to happen." As we spoke further I was prompted to say that if he did feel that peaceful feeling that his father would call. Well sure enough later that night his Dad really did call. As we spoke with him at our next appointment you could see in his face that light that all investigators get before they are baptized. God certainly does work in mysterious ways.
   Well I love you all. Yvonne thank you for that book. It was a good one! It helped me to think of missionary work in a different way. Grandma, Happy Birthday. Tavia Congrats on the new likle pickney. I hope you got all the sleep you want for the next couple of months. Thanks for all of your support. I love you all.

Elder Henderson

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