Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Neighbourhood of Millionaires 8-11-14

Well what do I say about a week in paradise? Probably that is isn't what you all think it is! Oh boy! We were out street contacting a couple of days ago and we found this neighborhood of millionaires. I am not sure which was more nerve racking, at first, testifying to some of the riches, high standing people that I have perhaps talked to, or to walk down some of the most dangerous streets in the world. I tell you what though some of the most powerful moments of my mission will be when I bear testimony to someone of a high position, rich (in a  worldly aspect), and popular. I can recall several times over the last week where I have found myself of a multi-million dollar estate, actually on the porch, knocking on the door. What happens next is exhilarating and amazing. As we stand there patiently waiting, our heart somewhat quaking because some of these yards of dogs that tend to want to kill us, the Spirit seems to come over. The heart beats soften, the courage strengthens, time slows down and peace reigns. As the door will open our mouths are filled with the most amazing and wonderful news that we could ever bear, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many times we have stood and born such strong testimony to these
people that the very earth seems to shake beneath us. Yet despite this Spirit outpouring, many of these people just turn us down and tell us to get off the premises. I have to laugh because we have been chased after by a couple of dogs. A couple of days ago, there was a gate open, and when we approacedh a pack of 7 hungry wolf-dogs came after us. We both took off tearing down the street. When I started to pull away from my comp, he stopped and grabbed a mango seed to throw at them.....hahaha. Luckily, that was what stopped the dogs from coming after us. God works in mysterious ways. 
   But, there was one guy that we met that invited us in.....I had no idea how stinking nice his house was! They have their own private canal! After talking with the man about when we could return (we got to sit in the A/C while we did thank goodness!!!!!) He invited us to take a spin on his 2 jet skis.....I was disappointed but we politely said no. He then offered to take us scuba diving......again, disappointingly I said no. Then he asked if we would feel more comfortable if his son took We explained what who we really were, and about the rules. Then I chimed in, "...but I will take you up on each offer in about a year or two with my family." The man smiled and said, when you come back bring your family. You can stay here the whole time you are in Freeport, and you may use everything I have. Cool experiences of knocking doors for you. 
   I have gotten questions about my comp so here it is: Elder Peters is an amazing missionary as well, boy if only I could learn to be as open with my feelings as he is. There are so many characteristics that I can see in him that I want, I will work hard and who knows maybe a little bit of greatness will rub off from Elder Peters to me. From day one we have gotten along very well! We have a lot more in common than I thought; especially about the part of wanting to consistently improve ourselves. Elder Peters and I have had some very powerful lessons! Just about every time we sit down to teach you can just feel the spirit starting to flood the room. I love Elder Peters. I have spent a great deal of wondering about a couple of things though. We have been very diligent on finding people to teach, in fact we have, in the last 8 days, filled up 2 (front and back) potential investigator forms. (In our planners we only have 2 pages left for those we contact). What can I say....we do work out here! 

I love you all, I hope you know that. Christ lives and so shall we.

Until next week.

Elder Henderson

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