Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The TIme Has Come! 6-7-14

Well that time has come for the apostle of the Lord to make the first stake here on Jam rock! I can honestly say that this last week has been one of the longest weeks of my mission, as I had to wait a whole week for Elder Holland to step foot in Jamaica. Man. But he is finally here!!!! WAHOOO!!!!!!! Elder Martin and I are headed to the adult session tonight at 7 p.m. I am a little more than excited and ecstatic. What is even better is that today is our p-day and we will be showing up pretty early so we can FINALLY shake his hand. As excited as I am though it doesn't compare with how excited the Jamaicans are. They have toiled way longer than I and have put many petitions unto the Lord for this day. President Brown will cry anytime he mentions that there will be a stake here, even in his prayers. (I may cry a bit too....but no one sees it.) The Lord's work is moving forward, ever onward. 
   There has been a lot of work that has gone on here in the office the last few weeks, a whole heap a stuff! We haven't been out teaching like we normally would be at 2:30 but we are pulling out later because of the stuff we have been asked to complete. The problem is that with the buying of the new vehicles we will have even more paperwork to do, which means that we will not be slowing down the office work any time soon. But if that is what the Lord wants me to do, I'll do it. God will shall be done. 
   We got to do something really cool this week! I will write my journal entry for the day:

6/4/2014      (Assistant Assassins)

   As you can see we put into play our plan today. We woke up at 5:15 to make it over to the Ap's house. We parked down a street so we could see them leave for basketball, and once they did we jumped out and ran a .5 a block to their house so they wouldn't see our car on the way back. We used the Ap's keys we took from their car yesterday, to break into their house. Once we did, we cooked them breakfust borritos and kept watch for them to return. When the AP's returned they opened the door (which we locked so they wouldn't know we were there), Elder Bateman froze as he saw us, and raised his hand to strike us (he thought we were thieves) then ran out. Elder Martin, Dawkins, Campbell and I then chased and ambushed them with a whole heap of water and retreated in to the house, but we were followed and the AP's soaked us with water as well soaking the house. It was a blast...."
I really love those Elders, we have way too much fun together. Mom I recorded our plan, so i will send it to you soon. :)

   Later we had a very spiritually powerful lesson with the Simpson family. When we went over there there was a cousin who was present. We asked if she would like to join the lesson to which she promptly said yes. As we said the prayer the Spirit immediately came in (you know that when that happens it will be a powerful lesson!). We started to talk about why we need to repent. As the lesson went along this girl, aka Shaundiena, started asking about how we learned all of this, and where she could learn about it. The Spirit prompted us to change the lesson plan and we went right into the restoration. Diena asked many questions! She was engaged in every way, vocally, mentally, and her body language showed it. At the end of the lesson we gave her a restoration pamphlet and she said that wasnt' enough. So, we gave her 5 restoration pamphlet and she said it was a start. She wanted to give them all to her friends and family. Long story short we came back the next day and she had read the whole thing, prayed about it, and was answering the questions in the back of the book!!! You very seldom get people like that who will put forth the effort in that way, especially in this culture. I thank God for answering my prayers. I have prayed for a long time for us to meet someone who is prepared to be baptised. God a God.
   Well that is all today. Oh! ELDER NATHAN BOYD ALLEN would you please answer me. Did you get that letter? I wish I had time to tell you all more. Maybe I will ship this journal home so Mom can put it all on the blog. (I think this is my 3 journal. I have yet to miss a day). By the way I have gotten may questions about the pic of me on the spire on the church. We were cleaning the roof of the church that is why I was up there. It was a project the whole branch was doing. I love you all! 

Elder Henderson

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