Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Last Week without a Stake!!!! 5-31-14

Man this transfer has yet to slow down!!!!! Usually in the past 2 transfers, here in the office, things slow down. We don't have to take many trips around the island, or really anything too pressing, but this week we had to drive a total of 20 some odd hours as we took a trip to Ochi and a trip to Junction to fix the sisters' trucks because they don't know how to do it i guess. It was a lot of fun but we didn't have much time to teach. I wish we had more time to teach because I love watching peoples eyes as they glow right when they understand something, oh well.......
   So, I will start off by telling you a funny story we had yesterday. Elder Martin and I got a call from the Hopeton sisters last night, explaining to us that their light was not working. (FYI that is over 2 hours away from where we live). After a good 15 minute conversation the sisters finally asked if we could come help them in this dire circumstance...Personally I couldn't believe the request because all that needed to be done was change a light bulb. After recovering from my initial shock we kindly explained that to fix the situation they needed to 1. purchase a new light bulb at any store. 2. come back to apartment with light bulb. 3. turn light off so that it will not burn you, and use a towel just in case to unscrew light bulb. 4. replace old light bulb with new light bulb. 5 turn on switch. 6. record your experience in your journal so that when you have another dire circumstance you can look back at your notes and be able to change another light bulb. Never thought I would run into that one. haha. At least they learned for the future. Once this situation was taken care of we immediately got another phone call from some more sisters telling us that they had conveniently locked their keys in their car. (FYI they are 1.5 hours away from where we live) They wanted us to come up there and help them out of their situation. Well, we told them to call a lock smith to help them out. 10 minutes later they were in their car. Man we work miracles in the office!!!!!! :D
   Well this is it! Last week without a stake. Next week when I email you all it will literally be just hours before Jamaica receives their first stake!!!!!!!! So cool! i am thankful for all of your prayers, they mean a lot to me! Joshua, did you make the soccer team? Nikayla how is the summer going? Siri any fun lemonade stands recently? Brixen did you figure out who was grandpa? Carter how is the shooting going? Mom thanks for all you do, you are truly the best. Dad thanks for the thoughts I really appreciate them. They help me to think and understand more fully. Elder Allen, are you dead?!?!? I haven't heard from you in a while? Did you receive my letter? Until next week, I love you all.

Elder Henderson
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