Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Paperwprk passed!! 7-19-14

   Well this last time we went we retained 3 of the basketball guys. Plus we had 2 show up after we finished. It was another wonderfully powerful lesson. We felt prompted to teach on the Plan of Salvation and come to find out that one of the Brothers we were teaching just lost his grandma, he was very close. That is the Spirit in action for you. Man, without the Spirit this work truly is impossible. We are supposed to teach them later today but, one of the is out of town so I will certainly keep you posted.
   This last week there isn't much to tell about. We had a lot of fun with Cesear, also he tired us out. The 12+ hour drive all around the island was taxing on me, but all seems to be better now. The office is finally where is needs to be and I am happy to say that I have given it my all. Whether I stay or I go I know that if I were to relive the last 6 months that I wouldn't do anything different. It is funny, 6 months ago I had revelation on a few things that needed to happen here in the office as well as in our area and branch. Over the course of the last 6 months all have been accomplished. These last 2 transfers in particular have made me stretch a lot. I have grown a lot as well.
   Boy do I love this place, it will forever be etched upon my heart. Other than Cesear coming, not much else is worth reporting. The area is up and running, there is still so much to do in the area but I suppose that is how you want an area to be always having more to be done in it. We have been finding people to teach, teaching people, and helping less actives come back. Nothing compares to the joy I feel when someone finally decides to trust God. It is spectacular. Well we are just preparing for transfers, everything is in order and should go, once again, smoothly. Thanks again for all you do. Love you.
   Not a whole lot to talk about this week. We had Cesear Rosario come. On thursday we drove the whole island of Jamaica looking at all the cars. What a trip! It was beautiful especially since we took some of the ways that most people don't take, simply stunning. The drive was very taxing on my body though, I guess any time you drive 12+ hours will simply take it out of you. Overall it was a good experience. Cesear was especially pleased with how all the paperwork was done, he said "this is the best mission with all the papers and filings. Your two elders are very good, very good." (he is still learning english)
   Elder Allen, I got him talking on video so we can see if you understand him when we get home okay? Cool, yep, the area is still going very well! There is simply too much to do in my area and not enough time to do it. I wish I had more time to teach, soon come. Damain and his family are almost ready for marriage. We found out some details that the marriage certificate isn't as much as we once thought. I sure hope I get to see them get married before I leave! That would be just treat for me. Keep in your prayers Rohan. Rohan or JR is supposed to be baptised this next week. Pray that he will endure to the end, pray that he will have the desire to read from
the Book of Mormon daily. I know that God will answer your prayers in splendid ways. I see them answered on a daily basis. That is pretty much it for me this week. I love you all. Have a wonderful week!

Elder Henderson

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