Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Week in Freeport!! 8-3-14

Wow. What can I say more than that? Things here are extremely different! The culture here reminds me a lot of back home but I think that I have gotten so used to things there in Jamaica that it has become almost forgien to me. I really like it though. haha I stepped off the plane with Elder Fitkau in Nassau and I was so intregued with the carpet. It has been a long while since I have seen that. I always will be walking with Elder Peters, street contacting or going to a lesson, and I see things like lawn mowers or no pot holes on the roads and I think it is the coolest thing ever! Everything is just so different. There differences between the two countries is incredible. I would have never guessed that I would ever be able to be facinated the most simple things of life back there in America. You all are truly blessed. You have no idea what you have! I didn't either until I came out and saw the poor of the poor in Jamaica, that was a humbling experience. Be grateful for what you have. Don't let a single moment go by without being grateful! In all reality we should never be not grateful because the situation every single one of you are in is just far beyond the people of Jamaica. 
   So far everything is going really well. I am adjusting, I  think, very well. I have been very impressed with our branch President, he has so much fire, so much enthusiasm, and so many things he wants accomplished before he leaves in two years. By the way, Presiden Konacoa was wondering if you could come visit. I guess it has been a while and it would really boost the branch. We really have a direction to go. I am excited I think that as we bring back, and get started key members that things will start hastening. The area here has been well taken care of and I have been very impressed with the up-to-date area book. Elder Peters has things pretty down and I am pumped to be with him. We are getting along really well, and we both want to work hard.
This will be a hard working fun time here.
   To give you what it is like to be one this wonderful peaceful island imagine the quiet time in the morning before anyone gets t of bed right before the sun comes out. That is how it is all the time here. There are about 20,000 peolple here so not even as many people as a large university. The views remind me a lot of Virginia. There are the same trees every where! There are no mountains and I guess we are slightly below sea level is what I am told. The culture is like Americans except they are a little bit behind, it is like being Americas shadow. The money they use is intermingled with the USD because the BD is the same worth as the USD. I love it here! The branch is super small even smaller than Downtown but, I love it! 
   The pic I sent is of a guy that is best friends with Bolt! He will be running in the next Olympics I convinced him that when he wins a medal or even if he doesn't to give me a shout out..."Elder Henderson my brother this is for you!" But he is a chill guy and seems to be fairly prepared. We will be teaching Ryan Thursday, keep him in your prayers. I had a humbling experience. I met a recent convert named Julian. He is 18 and a football (american football) star. He is going into his senior year of high school but he wants to go to the US to try and play college ball. I guess his family life is the most worse thing you could imagine, it reminds me of some of the Downtown members. But, as he has gotten a taste of the restored gospel he has taken off. He is clinging with all he has to the gospel! It reminds me that we too must be as this high school senior. We must do everything possible to do what is right or it will not be enough! 2 Nephi 32:3 "....feast upon the words of Christ...." Feasting is eating until your belly bulges, you have unloosened your belt, and you have packed as much in as possible! I implore all who read this email to make that your goal every single day! We are in a time and era where the Devil is gaining power every single day. How strong people were spiritually 2-3 years will not be enough for our day and time today! We must all be aboard, we must all put our shoulder to the wheel. I testify that if we will do these things then we will be able to "be still and know that I am God." He will be our God. He will not be ashamed of us but will protect us. Of these things I know for I have seen them in other peoples lives, in my own life and the Spirit of the Lord has born testimony that these things are true. Look at your feelings now, you will know what I am saying to be true. The Spirit is present with you now. I love and care about you and all of my brothers and sisters from all nations; so I shall raise my voice as Captain Moroni. I will not be silent for that is all it takes for the Devil to win. Open your mouth and share it with someone you know. Save a soul.

See you next week,

Elder Henderson

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