Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Transferred to Freeport! 7-26-14

   This was a good week. I have really enjoyed my time here in Downtown. It was strange though, last week after we dropped off Cesar Rosario and we were driving back I had the distinct impression that I had accomplished everything that I was called here to do. I started to look back over the goals and revelation that I had recieved when I first arrived and it was true, I had done everything. Those feelings were new to me. Even when I heard that my paperwork didn't go through on Monday, I had a reassuring feeling that I had still done everything asked of me in Downtown and it was my time to leave. I can show you the journal entry for last Sunday. Weird. This place, Downtown, has etched itself upon my heart. I truly do love the people here. I will always remember the sparkle in the members eyes when they finally got it, or the investigators. I will remember the hard times that we had in helping the members establish better relationships with their families and getting them to be more excited about missionary work. (We are still working on that but they have come a long ways. The youth are still the ones driving the work there. God works by the simple and humble.) I love this place! 
   On the flip side of things, I am extremely excited to be going to Freeport. I do not know the area, I hardly know my companion, but I know one thing and that is the Lord always provides a way. We will do great things out there, with the help of the Lord. I am also very excited to be able to teach all day again! YEAH! I love to teach, there is nothing really more rewarding than that. Elder Martin is also ready to take over the office. He has grown and learned alot. He has done a lot better than most would especially since he was thrown into the fire of things with the new cars coming in, etc. Elder Martin is a great missionary and he will do wonders here. I am a little sad because I won't see him until I go home but, it must be for the best because it is from the Lord so onward. 
   You told me as well to keep you updated on the basketball bunch. Well we had a chance to teach them again 3 days ago. It was another wonderful lesson. This time we had 4 of them show up, 3 of them are showing real interest. This last lesson at the end one of them asked us about Joseph Smith......oh boy I get all giddy when that question is asked. We were short on time so we gave them a brief overlook that he was a prophet of God and let them know that we would be speaking with them more about it here this coming week. All of them were excited and asked for another pamphlet. I have high expectations for them, they are being left in good hands though. I hope that something great comes out of this awesome experience.Well thanks again for all you do. I will see you......on Monday. Love you!

Well that basically sums it all up. I am off to Freeport, Bahamas. So sick!!! I am very excited. I fly out on Thursday July 31, 2014. It will be an amazing experience. Other than that this week has been quite the week. We have been looking forward too and hoping to be baptising JR today, and we are. At 6 p.m. tonight I will be dunking the 18 year old who is preparing to go on a mission. This will be the 4th baptism off of one referral ayouth gave us just over 7 months ago. The youth really drive this branch. If you think that you can't share the gospel think again. God is the one who decides if it is someone's turn to hear the gospel, share and let him do the rest.
   Something else that I should mention is that Elder Nelson left to see his family today. Elder when you read this know that I was the first to email you when you got home :) Now touch the dream of playing college ball!!!! He is a dear friend and a hero to me. Elder Nelson served 2 complete years and certainly gave his all. He will be missed, even to the point of tears, but the effect he had on the mission field and the people of Jamaica. Love you Scooter!
   Well that sums it up this week. Love you all!

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