Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lots of Progress 6-28-14

Man, where do I start with this week?! I guess I will start with Sunday. Sunday, Elder Martin and I walked to church with Sister Paulett Bailey Campbell, Demain, Terrisa, and Ja (3 year old boy of Demain and Terrisa). But get this Sister Campbell 2 days earlier had a heart attack! And she still walked the hour and a half to church. That is simply faith, I wish others could act in such faith as her she is truly coming to understand the power that we receive from the atonement when we ask for it. The best part about her coming to church is the fact that she felt the spirit so strongly, she couldn't stop smiling. Man she is just so awesome! Demain and his family (Terrisa and Ja) also had a wonderful experience. The best part about it that they are finally active! On top of that they were in the worst of circumstances and to watch them come out of those circumstances on by the way of God's ever merciful hand is just amazing. We went by to speak with him and his family and he was just so grateful for everything, especially us (I don't know why we didn't do anything). And now he is coming back this Sunday as well. Oh boy that was fun!
   Well for the rest of the week I have been busier than I have ever been! We have been getting out later than I ever have before here in the office because of all the paperwork for the new vehicles. I am pretty sure that is a huge reason that I have been sent here to the office. We order and sorted files of past accident (which we are still doing), old truck documents and such. I spent a whole 12-14 hours yesterday alone doing that......and I am not quite 1/2 way done! Past office Elders just threw papers in the wrong files and such it is a pain in the butt! But yeah that is what my week has been so far. 
   Oh, funny story for everyone: Elder and Sister Hall (this new office couple) took us to dinner at a fancy chinese restaurant. While we were there Elder Hall said "okay everyone get one thing and we will just share and try a couple of things" Well long story short Sister Hall kept ordering and ordering saying "The Elders need to take something home...." I felt so bad. I didn't want to cause a pain to Elder Hall but his face was so funny! Later in the conversation Sister Hall started talking about how she just loves the ATM. "You just put in a plastic card and out pops a whole heap of cash! I just love it it never runs out of money...." I thought Elder Hall's first face was funny but the one after she said that I almost died of laughing! Oh man I felt so bad for that amazing Elder. I love those two.
   Well we are also saying goodbye to some of my favorite people ever. The Mortenson's (the old office couple) leave tomorrow. And you know they have become really good friends, teachers, and like mission parents to me. Man I am going to miss them, but change is put to us so we can grow, even if I don't want too sometimes. I will miss them.
   I thank you all for the emails! They are a blast to read and very uplifting when I am struggling. Thank you. Grandpa I love you! Grandma I love you too! Mom and Dad I love and admire you both. Carter I hope you enjoy your first date.....weird I am old. Joshua I can't wait to hear more about all of your adventures you are amazing keep it up! You and I are the best of friends and I love you will all my heart and soul. Nikayle you are simply amazing. I want to be like you on day. Siri you make me smile everyday when I look at your picture you drew me thanks! I love you. Brixen I can't wait till we can catch some more ducks before I enter the MTC.....I love you too miss beautiful. Keep your heads up time will pass and the things will become better I promise they always do. Hold on with all you have to that iron rod. Hello, and thanks for the letter Aunt Carolyn and Grandma.

Elder Henderson

P.S.Mom I saw this spider come inside my house last night.......I tripped out. I was a bit nervous because I think they are poisonous but I can't remember. Either way I smashed it with my shoe. Love you.

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